Olympic Refugee Team Athlete: Yusra Mardini of…

Without a home, a flag, and a national anthem… the team is a symbol of hope to all the refugees in our world. #Olympics Photo: Alexander Hassenstein

Olympic Refugee Team Athlete: Yusra Mardini of…

In an extraordinary debut, a handful of athletes will be competing on the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team. This is a look at swimmer Yusra Mardini. Photo: Alexander Hassenstein

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An Intimate Look at the Nightly Routine of…

Nowadays #strippers look like everyone else running around in their underwear, except their heels are higher and their bodies built. And they get paid for the working out.  » – Jill Freedman, photographer (via Vice)

An Intimate Look at the Nightly Routine of…

Iconic photographer Jill Freedman shares previously unpublished photographs of exotic dancers she took in 2002.

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The Data Behind Divine Living

Ethereal, Integrity or Spirituality; which do you think is the most searched keyword? Photo: Thomas Barwick

The Data Behind Divine Living

Our Divine Living trend focuses on meaningful consumption. It’s about purchasing with purpose and carefully selecting treasured objects and experiences over mass accumulation. Photo: Thomas Barwick

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Who’s Behind the Visual Appeal of Olympic…

« 2016’s Olympic uniforms are stylish and striking with their ‘less is more’ approach, » said Rebecca Hamilton, Getty Images Senior Research Editor. « They’re simplistic in their designs and color choices overall. » Photo: John Lamparski

Who’s Behind the Visual Appeal of Olympic…

Check out which designers have been selected to outfit their country’s athletes in functional yet stylish performance wear. Photo: John Lamparski

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How a Sports Marketing Pioneer Broke Her Way…

Sports marketing pioneer, Janey Marks, began her career in the 1970s when a friend introduced her to Billie Jean King and the tennis great hired her to help market World Team Tennis. Photo: Samir Hussein

How a Sports Marketing Pioneer Broke Her Way…

It’s no secret that, historically, the sports world has been a male-dominated industry. Read how Getty Images’ Senior Director of Olympics and Strategic Alliances, Janey Marks, hasn’t let that stop her from breaking into sports marketing. Photo: Samir Hussein

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Plastic Bags Are Horrible. But They Sure Can Be…

You almost forget you’re looking at garbage, which is precisely Rolfsen’s goal. Photo: Vilde Rolfsen

Plastic Bags Are Horrible. But They Sure Can Be…

Vilde Rolfsen collects plastic sacks and transforms them into stunning mountains, canyons, and rivers for her ongoing series Plastic Bag Landscapes.

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Beam Me Up

Actor Simon Pegg is transported for the Guardian. Photos by Getty Images Contour photographer Pal Hansen. You can read the full article here: http://bit.ly/29Y0S66

Beam Me Up

Actor Simon Pegg who plays Scotty in the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond is photographed by Pal Hansen for the Observer.

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First Nickelodeon Cartoon in History to Feature…

“This is it. Time to make history,” character Lincoln says before opening the door to greet the family in an excerpt of the episode to debut on July 20 called, « Overnight Success. » (via Variety) Photo: Twitter

First Nickelodeon Cartoon in History to Feature…

The children’s TV network will introduce a bi-racial same-sex couple on the animated show “The Loud House” on July 20th. Photo: Twitter

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